Happy Feet

We love shoes.  No matter how tall you are, high heals, in my opinion, just make you look better.  They inspire you to stand with better posture (even if it is because you are trying to keep from falling over), they make your feet look pretty and certainly make you taller!

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“Tasteful” Wedding Favors

For a lot of brides, wedding favors fall low on the long list of priorities in planning for the big day. But, stress not.  The must-have favors and gifts can be easy for you to find, buy, and personalize for your loved ones to take home.

Giving food as favors has been a notable wedding trend for years, but today there are so many innovative and delicious new treats readily available online that the old tradition can have a modern twist. With boutique delicacies on the web, you have convenient access to new foods from across the country and can buy them with the click of a mouse – no additional wedding errands needed. Everything is delivered straight to your door to alleviate the hassles of wedding planning.

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