Aisles and Aisles to Choose From

Way back when, an aisle runner’s primary purpose was to protect the bride’s gown from dirt or mud that was tracked in from the streets. It was also used to ensure that the bride felt like royalty on her wedding day.  For many brides, this is the reason they still choose to use an aisle runner.

Todays weddings are all about personal choice and what feels right to the couple. Traditional, modern or traditional with a modern day twist! There are many different options for runners as well as when and how to use them.  Over time, aisle runners have morphed into yet another way to add that elegant and unique touch to the ceremony.  It can define the wedding couple’s personal taste.

In a Church or Synagogue, the runner may be laid our prior to the ceremony, in which case the top of the aisle would be blocked off and guests would then enter pews from the side aisles to take their seats.   If the runner is pulled out by the bridal party, this would happen after all guests are seated to signify the beginning of the ceremony.

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A Guys Perspective

I love everything girly.  And of course, being a wedding coordinator, a mother to two girls, a bride, a sister, and a daughter, I understand that weddings are all about the bride and the girls.  We get to slide on the most spectacular shoes, up-do our hair, paint our faces and slip on the sassiest of dresses.  And the guys get to….rent a tux.  Here are a few fun ideas to bring your male guests into the picture a little bit.

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Kara + Jason’s Wedding – St. William’s/Fenway Park

When two die hard baseball fans get engaged, regardless of the fact that one is a Red Sox fan and the other is a Met’s fan, you know their marriage is off to a great start when they agree on Fenway Park for their reception.

Kara and her bridal party spent the day getting ready at her parents home (with their adorable pooch) while Jason was down the street getting ready for his big day as well!  But it’s always a special moment when a father sees his daughter for the first time.  This candid photo of Kara kissing her Dad on the cheek was just soooo sweet.   Soon after, they departed for the ceremony in a vintage Rolls Royce where 200 guests, a bridal party of 25 and her husband to be anxiously awaited.

Kara, the youngest of 8 children, married the love of her life, in the Church she grew up in. Her ties to this Church are so special that two Priests, who have been close with the family for forty years, came back to marry Kara and Jason.

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