Delish Desserts

More and More, I am starting to see dessert bars popping up at dessert time instead of the traditional plated wedding cake.  It’s a fun way to impress your guests and really, anything goes!  It is a great way to mix it up and add your own personal touch.  Whether it’s your favorite ice cream flavor or favorite candies, if it’s fun, delicious and keeps your guests out of their seats you’ve succeeded! Here are just a few fun ideas.

There is the delicious cookie bar.  You can include your family recipes and your all time favorite cookies. And for those family members who want to contribute, this is great chance for them to do so.  Don’t forget the milk!

With a variety of color coordinated favorites like whoopie pies, cupcakes and cakes on cake stands, this look is so visually appealing your guests can’t stay away.  You can even include a color coordinated drinkable dessert!

There is always the undeniably fantastic and forbidden candy bar.  Don’t forget the candy bags or the candy scoops!

And don’t ever underestimate the make your own ice cream sundae bar!  This is a timeless favorite that simply never gets old. No matter how many times guests see these, they are always delighted! With toppings of candies, fruit, marshmallow, hot fudge, sprinkles…honestly, who can blame them?

I though this was just adorable. If you want to do something “ice cream inspired” you can serve these baked goods disguised as ice cream!Which ever direction you choose, be sure that you consider the look of your table.  Of course the desserts will be delish, but the presentation contributes to making these tables so appealing.  Using labels and signage, interesting containers such as jars, trays, cake stands, and color coordination to embellish the look goes a long way.










Kathryn + Patrick’s Wedding – Holy Cross/Worcester Country Club

Kathryn and Patrick were married this past May at Holy Cross in Worcester.  Before the ceremony, Kathryn and Patrick got ready at the Beechwood Hotel.  The guys rode over to Holy Cross in a trolley, as did the bridesmaids, while Kathryn and her parents rode in a vintage Rolls Royce.

The weather was touch and go and as Kathryn drove up to the church it started to rain.  But with a positive spirit, as she walked up the steps of the church, the sun came out…I kid you NOT.  Guest remarked that when the doors opened they saw Kathryn enter with a halo of sun bursting behind her.  Plain and simple, it was magical. And yes, I got goosebumps as she walked down the 200 foot aisle of this enormous church with a big, beautiful smile upon her face!

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So Engaging

I just celebrated my 15 year wedding anniversary and boy have the engagement photos changed since then! They seem like such fun! Maybe we should set up a session to celebrate our marriage and our lives today. Oh the story our photos would tell!

Todays engagement photography has come a long way and has transformed into a creative and unique way to show the story of a couple’s love.  It has certainly evolved over time becoming its own picture category. These “photo shoots” have taken on a life of their own and turned into an exciting way to debut their engagement to their friends and family.  Todays sessions seem to fall into two categories.

One being more of a lifestyle shoot, visually illustrating the story of the couples relationship and love for one another.  For some, getting ready for these photo sessions is like writing the script of a movie, only it’s of their lives together. Between the location, the outfits, the site (sometimes multiple sites) and the set up, it can be very extensive and take a great deal of planning, creativity and time. This may be a shared hobby, someplace they enjoy going, the location of their first date or a retro styled shoot.

The other style is a bit of whimsy.  This would include things like fun use of color, positioning and props. Some examples may be riding in a canoe or swinging on swings together or even using clever pops of color by holding a bunch of balloons or posing besides a big yellow school bus.

So whether you chose an action filled or whimsical shoot, have fun and let the photos express who you are as a couple. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

Here are a few examples of some great engagement photos!