Fall Is In The Air

With Fall just days away, I am finally coming to terms with the lazy days of summer fading away.  The leaves are changing and the mornings are cool.  The grass is dewy and the days are getting shorter. Truth be told, I am not thrilled.  However, what I do love is the refreshing shift all around us (just don’t talk to me when it’s below zero while I am out walking my dog in the bitter cold or packing the kids with all their snow gear).  I have to admit that I kinda like the first day I pull on my favorite pair of jeans or wrap a scarf around my neck.  Or even snuggling on the couch with the blanket that has been packed away for months.  We begin the slow progression of nesting by preparing for the long, cold winter ahead.

So it’s no surprise that we also see a big change with wedding decor.  The feeling of the flowers from just one month ago has changed from cooler and brighter  to warmer and toastier tones. However, there are more ways than one to bring that feeling into your wedding besides pumpkins, pinecones and leaves.

Naturally, you need to choose a direction for your decor.  I find that once you choose your color palette, it’s so easy to just run with it. Here are a few fun, different ideas for Fall!

Not all apples are red!  The green apple is delicious, clean and crisp and translates beautiful through florals.  You can keep very simple by pairing it with ivory or add a pop of peach or even brown for more dimension!

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Brown is a beautiful. And who says you have to put the pink away?  Paired with brown, pink and lavender give life to this deep, rich, warm tone.

Photo Credit:  Better Homes and Gardens 

An antiqued feeling with florals in shades of peach, burgundy, ivory and green, just may be the most elegant, natural way to bring Fall to your wedding.

Photo Credit: Once Wed