2014 Color Trends

Around this time every year I can’t help but start thinking about how next years weddings will differ from the last.  Trends certainly come and go but the one thing that is consistently makes for a very good starting point with all your decor is color!  It’s true to think that fashion trends inspire wedding trends.  So by turning to the good old fashioned Pantone colors that are being used by fashion designers, we not only get a good sense of what’s to come but incredible inspiration!  From there it is up to us to make your wedding decor come alive in a way that is unique and special to you.

What can you expect to see in 2014? I see a color palate with a lot of subtle blending.  There is nothing hum drum about these tones. They are unique, somewhat subdued while incredible impactful. Gradiant shades of these very powerful colors paired together in so many different ways will showcase your individual style.  You can go with a more monochromatic or ombre look or dig deeper by noticing the endless color combinations that may be paired using these 6 beautiful colors!

The fun only begins once you choose your schematic. It can then be carried though in smart, sensible and endless ways.  Flowers {of course}. Clothing {dresses, bow ties and pocket squares}.  Food {beverages, dessert tables, wedding cake}.  Simple touches {straws, cocktail napkins, stationary}.  Keeping your color scheme consistent and showcasing it throughout your event will undoubtdly create a look that feels seamlessly coordinated and well thought out.
Take a look at the Pantone color chart for 2014!
Here are some beautiful examples of how impactful each color scheme looks monochromatically.

Lastly, here are a few examples of how beautifully these colors compliment each other when paired with another 2014 pantone color.