Cecile + Ehud – Temple Emanuel, Newton, MA

Cecile and Ehud were married on a Sunday afternoon, at Temple Emanuel in Newton, in an Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony.

The wedding formalities began with the Kabbalat Panim which is the opening reception. This is the time when the groom’s Tisch and the bride’s Bedeken take place.  During the Groom’s Tisch, he is greeted by his male guests and the Ketubah (the formal marriage contract) is signed.  This is also the time when, together, Cecile and Ehud’s mothers broke a plate.   This tradition symbolizes the seriousness of the commitment between the two families.  While the men are gathering, the women are with the bride who is treated like a Queen seated for her guests to greet her.  It is also a very important tradition when the groom enters the room with all of the men, singing and celebrating as he is about to see his bride for the first time.  Once he confirms that he is marrying his intended bride, he carefully places the veil over her face.  Once this was over, guests were seated in the sanctuary and the ceremony with all of their guests began!

During the ceremony, each song sung was handed picked for the loved ones who walked down the aisle.  Ahava Me Mabat Rishon was sung while Ehud was escorted by his parents Hanna and Uri and Cecile, escorted by her parents, walked down the aisle to Erev shel Shoshanim.

Their Chuppah was beautifully decorated with flowers and a tallis as their canopy.  The Chuppah represents the first roof the bride and groom share together symbolizing that there are no walls in this new home of theirs.

For the reception guests were entertained with both a Mariachi and Jewish band.  Diverse music was a perfect way to intertwine both their culture and religion.  Simcha dancing was a must for this group as was the 30 minute hora!   In Jewish Orthodox religion it is considered a good deed to entertain their bride and groom, and guest will go to great lengths to do so.  The reception also consisted of MORE Simcha dancing, secular dancing , a surprise video, and cute “munchies” that were served for the remainder of the wedding.

Cecile’s mother came to us 2 weeks before the wedding and I am so glad she did.  The fact that there was so much to do in the days leading up to the wedding, and so many details to the day, never presented any challenges and it was just such a joy to work with them and be part of such a beautiful celebration!




























Event Coordination:  The Day Of

Ceremony: Temple Emanuel 

Officiant: Rabbi Klapper

Hair: Anna Marie Angelucci-Cedrone and Franco Cedrone Dellaria Salon – Newton Center

Makeup: Jamie Cullity

Band: Mariachi Internacional

Photography: Grazier Photography 

Florist: Sarah’s Garden

Caterer: Catering By Andrew   

The Wedding Colors of Summer 2014

Summer is finally here I am excited to share these fresh, romantic color combinations! So let’s take a closer look!

Before I get into the top summer wedding colors and the perfect combinations, lets talk about Radiant Orchid for a little bit.  I mean not only was it selected by Pantone to be the color of the year, but it is also THE color to use in a summer wedding. Radiant Orchid’s rosy undertones of fuchsia, pink and purple radiate on the skin, creating a healthy glow on both men and women. It is also said to emanate great joy, love, health, which sounds pretty nice for a wedding color, no? Radiant Orchid pairs nicely with darker purple hues, and also pale pinks, so how about using a softer tone Cayenne (one of the summer colors). You can also consider mixing Radiant Orchid with a softer tone of purple and white. This color combo will create a polished scheme, perfect for evening summer weddings.  You will be on trend with this combination, and also if you choose to use violet tulip, you will create a beautiful ombre.



So Radiant Orchid is not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, there are many more trendy colors to choose from. Dazzling Blue is next on my list. Some may say it is the new black, but I’m not sure if I  could take it that far.  The best way to describe this summer color is that it is a strong and vibrant navy blue that is easy to spot and even easier to wear. Luckily for your bridesmaids it goes flawlessly with any hair color and skin tone. When it comes to styling, the safest colors to choose would be to wear it with white, light beige or Paloma. The white can keep the blue from going overboard. Use white flowers, and add blue ribbons for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and flowers along the aisle. Look for blue vases to use as centerpieces on white tablecloths. Having your wedding outside? Create a cozy, romantic seating area with couches decorated with blue and white pillows. Now, if you are looking for something a little more dramatic than matching the Dazzling Blue with white or Paloma,  I assure you that this color intertwines perfectly with Freesia yellow. Look for yourself at some of examples given below:



Want the feeling that you’re walking on sunshine? How about planning your wedding with Freesia and Selosia Orange. I guess this is an appropriate time to say that when life hands you lemons, pick a bridesmaid that was given oranges and make a wedding theme out of it. These colors will look great on linens and with citrus fruit as a centerpiece. If you prefer something sweeter instead of vibrant, Pantone advises us wedding coordinators and brides to combine Selosia Orange with Violet Tulip. The two colors look beautiful in a flower boutique and candies. The not so obvious ways that you can incorporate these two colors into your wedding is by adding hints of the colors everywhere; violet tulip for you ribbons, straws, pocket squares, bridesmaids dresses, table numbers and seat cushions. Then Selosia Orange for your centerpieces, gel lighting, ties, wedding cake etc.



Last but not least of one of the most popular colors from the 2014 Pantone spring/summer color palate is Hemlock. It is a light green color, yet it is very different from the trendy mint; Hemlock is more “traditional” looking in my opinion. This color would look great at an outside venue and orchids as your choice of flowers. By adding Cayenne and hints of Freesia to Hemlock it will add that slight burst of energy into your wedding. While still having the romantic feel from the Hemlock.



Overall, the 2014 spring/summer colors have endless possibilities. Even though I listed different color combinations above, that is only the beginning of what magic could be created from these spring and summer wedding colors. This is going to be a great wedding season…I can feel it!