Chapin’s Bar Mitzvah – Temple Shalom and The Biltmore Bar & Grille, Newton, MA

When Chapin’s mom, Pamela, called me they were in a bit of a pickle.  The location they were planning on having his party had closed its doors.  Of course this is always a real possibility but it’s never happened to any of my clients.

Luckily, she was able to book a restaurant very close to their home, that they very much love, The Biltmore Bar & Grille in Newton.   The nice thing is that it has great ambiance, but it is intimate in size so how to make the space work for a party was the main challenge.  Secondly, they had never closed for a private party so the staff, while very accommodating,  wasn’t familiar with Mitzvahs or how to logistically run a party.   That’s where we came in.

Our first meeting was about figuring out how to map things out. Can this be done?!  Who would go where, where certain formalities would happen, what kind of food and when it would come out.  We reconfigured tables to create the largest possible dance floor and established a spot for the DJ and the pop up photo booth.

Next on the priority list was how to bring it all together.  Because it was a tricky spot, Michael from Siagel Production made a trip over to Biltmore to scope things out.  He was accommodating with revising their DJ package (their previous package was larger and more extensive than they could fit or needed in the new space).

Once the foundation of the party was established, we got into the details!  No matter how large or small your space or guest list is, the flow of events for the evening is imperative!  In this case, essentially, we had 2 parties going on at once.  The adults were in the bar area and the kids were on the restaurant side.   And it all came together perfectly on paper, and the night of the party.  For example, the motzie and kiddush were in the bar with the adults, while the kids continued with games and dancing.  Chapin’s parents momentarily slipped away from the adults to say hello to the kids and introduce a video montage, and after that the kids ice cream sundae bar opened and the video montage ran for the adults.

There were many moving parts and not only was it seamless, but it was a fun celebration perfectly geared towards the adults and the kids.  It was a wonderful evening and we were so glad to be part of this special celebration.

Here is a note from Pamela:

Dear Michelle,
I just want to thank you again for making Chapin’s bar mitzvah such a success on many levels. The party was just what we wanted it to be, which of course required a lot of work from a lot of people including you. What you and you alone did was remove the tremendous stress and anxiety from my shoulders. When I found out, only four months before the party, that our “perfect” venue in the South End was declaring bankruptcy — I really did freak out. I am an organized person and had everything set and ready to go 18 months in advance, until it all came crashing down. Thanks to you, however, my freak out was fairly short lived! Once I got you involved you were so on top of things and thought of solutions and people to contact that I never would have thought of. You had chairs I could rent, you worked with my DJ, you had a great eye for arranging the space in the restaurant, you had ideas for activities for the kids that would work in the new space, and the list goes on. I really could not have done it without you — or maybe I could have but I would have been a very stressed out person and I would not have enjoyed a moment of the planning or execution. Instead I really did enjoy both. The lesson I learned was, next time I will involve you from the beginning! Thanks again for all that you did!!

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Event Coordinator: The Day Of

Venue:  The Biltmore Bar & Grille

Reception Music: Siagel Productions

Photographer: Melissa Karen