Rainy Day Must Do’s

With summer rain showers occurring sporadically, a bride’s biggest fear may be a rainy day. We’ve all heard that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, however it’s also important to know how to prevent the wet weather from ruining your fun.


If your heart is still set on taking photos outdoors even between the raindrops, find a fun pair of matching rain boots for you and your new hubby. Bright colors, like yellow or red, can add a splash of the sunlight that is missing from your special day or you could coordinate with your wedding colors.. Don’t forget your bridesmaids and groomsmen.. they need to stay dry too!

For outside weddings, wet footwear can cause a problem once guests hit the dance floor. In order to prevent slipping and sliding, provide a space for guests to leave their wet shoes behind and flip flops to change into in order to dance the night away.

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Hair: If you were planning on wearing your hair down, you may want to reconsider. There might not be anything more annoying that wet locks sticking to your neck and running photos. So, ask your hairstylist to come up with a rain plan…. a plan b used only if the weather changes for your special day. Try going for something wind resistant, like a bun, a braid, or even a messy ponytail. And if your heart is truly set on wearing your hair down, try out a half-do. Even clipping some hair out of your face can help when you’re trying to juggle umbrella’s, bouquets, drinks, and your new husband’s hand!

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What could be better wedding favors than an umbrella to protect guests from your beautiful but stormy day? Create a monogrammed umbrella for a personalized touch to keep everyone dry when travelling to and from each photo spot. Like bright rain boots, brightly colored umbrellas can add a splash of fun to a dreary and cloudy day. Have your photographer take pictures of guests playing in the rain to create positive memories!



Temperature preparations: Sometimes the rain brings a chilly front. Make sure you have a shawl or small jacket thrown in your bag so you’re not freezing all night. For outside venues, ask vendors if they have an option of bringing space heaters or tent walls in order to make the space warmer and welcoming for guests.

However, sometimes the rain can allow for a muggy and humid climate to roll in with it. By gluing your wedding programs to popsicle sticks, you’ve made impromptu fans, which guests can use to cool themselves down as the day progresses.



Whatever rainy day prevention you decide to take, remember that your day will still be special! And make sure you keep looking for a rainbow, the perfect ending to a perfect day.




Kimberly + Andria- Private Residence, Hanover, MA

On a beautiful summer day last July, Kimberly and Andria were married in a very intimate ceremony surrounded by close family and friends, at a friends home.

The fresh colors of orange and pink were used throughout, starting with an alternative to the standard escort card,  a refreshing signature Tangerine Crush in glass jars with escort tags attached.  With drinks in hand,  a chalkboard sign pointed guests in the direction of the ceremony.  The immediate family members and bridal party sat in chairs by the couple as guests gathered across the pool’s edge.  “I Choose You”, by Sarah Barielles, played as Andria’s father escorted her down the aisle while Kimberly and her mother followed behind.

An emotional ceremony was followed by a celebratory pool side cocktail hour.  With a naturally rustic setting,  guests were welcomed for a delicious dinner and champagne toast.  And as the sun set, the ambiance transitioned with the lighing  of tiki torches, a fire pit, and floating candles in the pool.

Following dinner,  guests were welcomed to the dance floor to witness Kimberly and Andria’s first dance, “You and Me” by Dave Matthews.  Kimberly changed into a grey satin reception dress while guests kicked off their shoes and threw on their flip flops!  Their friends had a blast with the photo booth,  which also acted as an alternative to a traditional guest book.  Each guest taped their photo into an album and had the opportunity to write a quick message to the newlyweds.

Another photography hit came, where all guests gathered for a group photo on the dance floor, to create a lasting memory for Andria and Kimberly.  With a great DJ and and an amazing mix of music, the dance floor was never empty!  After dancing and working up an appetite, guests enjoyed a late night snack of pizza, cooked on the patio in the outdoor pizza oven, before the wedding ended.  With full bellies and full hearts, guests departed with individually wrapped favors of candy, topped with a pink and orange gerber daisy.

We wish this couple all the best in their new marriage!

 D&E Wedding July 17,2015 D&E Wedding July 17,2015

D&E Wedding July 17,2015 D&E Wedding July 17,2015  D&E Wedding July 17,2015

D&E Wedding July 17,2015 D&E Wedding July 17,2015 D&E Wedding July 17,2015

   D&E Wedding July 17,2015 D&E Wedding July 17,2015

D&E Wedding July 17,2015  D&E Wedding July 17,2015 

D&E Wedding July 17,2015

D&E Wedding July 17,2015

D&E Wedding July 17,2015

D&E Wedding July 17,2015 D&E Wedding July 17,2015


Event Coordinator: The Day Of 

Hair and Makeup: Orqui Tejada

Transportation: 128

Officiant: Deb Goodman

Ceremony and Reception Music: Timeless Sounds

Photographer: Infinity Portrait Designs

Caterers: Capers Catering

Rentals: Peterson Party Center



Sweet Wedding Day Treats

Over the past few years, we have begun to notice a shift in weddings, changing from traditional to contemporary and modern.  Recently brides have become more comfortable with making daring wedding choices. Some have fallen in love with colored wedding dresses, while others have even begun to decide on tattooed wedding bands!   Many couples are keeping the cakes but opting out of the traditional cake cutting.  Maybe this all has something to do with the next trend?  No longer is the traditional large white tiered cake as common.  Some couples are opting for smaller non-traditional cakes supplemented with yummy treats.  Say “goodbye” to the buttercream because cupcakes, cake pops, “naked” cakes, and even ice cream cakes are in.

Naked Cake:

One of the more popular new trends, frostingless cakes can be beautiful statements. They remain more traditional due to their tiered shape, but are just more modern than typical fondant covered cakes. With this option it is still possible to incorporate decorations such as fresh flowers or ribbons.

Pic-181  Pic-161  Pic-113


A dainty, one bite dessert that leaves guests feeling classy, whimsical, and just a little Parisian. Create a “cake”, or hand them out individually.

macaroons-645x459  blog_London-Wedding-Islington-Macarons-Macaroons-Tower-Cake-Delivery-UK-06

Cake Pops:

Similar to macaroons, these one bite treats maintain the traditional flavors of a wedding cake but are able to be eaten on the move…this way the dance floor never has to be empty! Create a tiered display or have some more fun with how the cake pop is formed.

cake_pop_wedding_cake  Wedding_Cake_Pop  cake-pops-1

Ice Cream Cake:

For a summer wedding, this cool treat is the perfect alternative to a wedding cake… and there are many different varieties to choose from! Some couples enjoy ice cream sandwiches, others enjoy the more common ice cream tiered cake, while even still some opt for an ice cream sundae bar to cater to all guests needs! For a fun addition to an outdoor reception, have an ice cream truck pull up out front!

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S’mores Bar:

The most interactive alternative, a S’mores bar, allows guests to channel their outdoorsy side by roasting their own marshmallows and creating their own delicious S’mores! The neat thing about this treat is you don’t have to have an outdoor reception and fire pit to pull it off!

Smores-bar  smores-bar-wedding-01


Whatever treat you decide upon, it’s sure to be sweet and special… just like your big day!