The Hitch

Here’s the newest trend in wedding venues! Following in the footsteps of Air B&B, The Hitch is a website that lets you easily search and contact wedding vendors in specific locations. However, here’s what sets The Hitch apart from any other search engine… private venues can post their listings too. So now you can have your dream wedding at that mansion overlooking the gorgeous Cliff Walk in Newport, RI that you’ve always dreamed about. Or, how about a rooftop wedding with views of the Boston skyline? The Hitch has it all. After inputting some key information about what you are looking for, the website will draft a list of options that fit your criteria (budget, location, date, guest count, etc.). Then, when you find a spot your interested in, simply click on the photo and all of the relevant information will be provided. Questions like the price, the hours that an event can be held, the capacity, location, and any other restrictions are all answered. The Hitch also provides easy access to contacting the vendor.

We think The Hitch is a great tool to use for couples just starting off in their search for a perfect wedding venue. With venues currently listed in New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington, you’re sure to find the perfect space for you!


Check out The Hitch’s website for more info.

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