2017 Color Trends

I always look forward to the launch of the 2017 color trends with such anticipation!   It’s always fun to speculate about color stories experiencing a revival and see what might be create inspiration!  After all, a color scheme is the foundation to an event!  So have fun with it, find something that you love, that inspires you and makes you feel amazing!

And…here it is…The Pantone Color of the Year for 2017…Greenery!


I have loved the color green for as long as I can remember. When my parents moved us back to Boston in the early ’80s, being the older child, I clearly remember standing in the hallway as my mother gave me the choice of rooms. The green or the yellow…mustard, not sunshine yellow. I still laugh because I CHOSE the green..which also happens to have been the SMALLER room. Do you still think color doesn’t matter!?

Green is clean, fresh, organic, rejuvenating and has a very solid connection to nature. It also triggers relaxation and symbolizes prosperity!  This is very fitting with upcoming trends, as wedding color swatches are looking very “back to the earth” for 2017. See below for a few ideas.

Below are some fabulous boards created by Elegant Wedding Invites.

Natural, White and Green are all colors found abundantly in the world around us, so what better way for the simple bride to show her appreciation? Pops of green with the rustic khaki and crisp white bring to mind weddings of old and have a relaxed but regal feel.


Mauve, gray and a neutral color (like taupe) tie everything together, as they are variations of one another, without being too boring or predictable. Mauve flowers are easy to find and photograph beautifully. As this is the brightest color of the bunch, relegate it to pops and let the gray and taupe act as neutrals. This palette is reminiscent of fairytale and romance.

Looking to amp the color up a bit? You don’t have to stray far from nature,  just get a little more fruity! Cranberry, orange and ivory are reminiscent of fall as the rich hue of the cranberry offsets the vibrant orange. Use ivory to dims the color pops while keeping everything cheery.



Pantone Color Swatch
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