2017 Color Trends

I always look forward to the launch of the 2017 color trends with such anticipation!   It’s always fun to speculate about color stories experiencing a revival and see what might be create inspiration!  After all, a color scheme is the foundation to an event!  So have fun with it, find something that you love, that inspires you and makes you feel amazing!

And…here it is…The Pantone Color of the Year for 2017…Greenery!


I have loved the color green for as long as I can remember. When my parents moved us back to Boston in the early ’80s, being the older child, I clearly remember standing in the hallway as my mother gave me the choice of rooms. The green or the yellow…mustard, not sunshine yellow. I still laugh because I CHOSE the green..which also happens to have been the SMALLER room. Do you still think color doesn’t matter!?

Green is clean, fresh, organic, rejuvenating and has a very solid connection to nature. It also triggers relaxation and symbolizes prosperity!  This is very fitting with upcoming trends, as wedding color swatches are looking very “back to the earth” for 2017. See below for a few ideas.

Below are some fabulous boards created by Elegant Wedding Invites.

Natural, White and Green are all colors found abundantly in the world around us, so what better way for the simple bride to show her appreciation? Pops of green with the rustic khaki and crisp white bring to mind weddings of old and have a relaxed but regal feel.


Mauve, gray and a neutral color (like taupe) tie everything together, as they are variations of one another, without being too boring or predictable. Mauve flowers are easy to find and photograph beautifully. As this is the brightest color of the bunch, relegate it to pops and let the gray and taupe act as neutrals. This palette is reminiscent of fairytale and romance.

Looking to amp the color up a bit? You don’t have to stray far from nature,  just get a little more fruity! Cranberry, orange and ivory are reminiscent of fall as the rich hue of the cranberry offsets the vibrant orange. Use ivory to dims the color pops while keeping everything cheery.



Pantone Color Swatch
Color Boards


Summer Weddings in New England

We New Englanders MUST love the change of seasons or we wouldn’t put up with some of the crazy weather we encounter!  The first time leaves begin to change. The first snowfall. The first budding flowers. But SUMMER, oh sweet summer. It’s the season most of us await with wide, open arms!  Many summer weddings in New England are outdoors and with an outdoor weddings comes some inevitable factors to consider.  Here are my top ten recommendations for the all around comfort of you and your guests.

1. Ceremony Location – Consider the location that the ceremony is taking place.  If it’s not on the ocean, offering a comfortable breeze, consider a shady spot. The early evening is also preferable since it is not as hot. Nobody wants to be a sweaty mess for the evening!


2. Indoor Ceremony Option – Let’s face it, half the reason people choose to get married in the summer is for the outdoor ceremony. But, bottom line, you have to be the kind of person willing to go with the flow if things go the other way and the dreaded R.A.I.N comes your way.  Having a very well thought out, realistic, plan B will offer you peace of mind.

3. Sound System – This is a must have for all outdoor ceremonies. You can’t hear a THINK without it. Be sure to test it out before the ceremony for volume and feedback and always have a sound person onsite incase of unforeseen glitches!

4. Welcome Table – I am always in favor of a welcome table at a ceremony. Include some cool and refreshing (alcohol free) beverages such as cucumber water or lemonade. Some other things to consider are fans, or even programs that double as fans, and maybe even parasols to offer additional shade or to protect against a possible sprinkle (not downpour).

TD Details103

5. Bug Repellant – You want your guests to enjoy themselves (which they can’t be if they are getting eaten alive). They will be eternally grateful to find bug spray, wipes or lotion.

6. Umbrellas – Nobody wants them, but in a rainstorm  you and your guests will be completely frustrated without them…so just get them! Plus, they make for some super cut photos!


7.  Food – Keep it light, seasonal, fresh and interesting!


8. Placecards – If they are going to be outside, you are going to need to be a little creative…or else they might blow away!  They could be rocks in sand or cards pinned to a board…whatever they are, always consider the possibility of a windy day in the back of your mind!

Lindsay + Adam by Forevercandid Photography 0378

9. Centerpieces – To continue the stream of thought with regards to wind…I would suggest steering clear of anything tall or lightweight. No crashing over centerpieces, please!

10. Air – Be it fans or air conditioning…if it’s a hot summer night, it’s something to consider! Be sure to reserve ahead of time with your tent company.



The Hitch

Here’s the newest trend in wedding venues! Following in the footsteps of Air B&B, The Hitch is a website that lets you easily search and contact wedding vendors in specific locations. However, here’s what sets The Hitch apart from any other search engine… private venues can post their listings too. So now you can have your dream wedding at that mansion overlooking the gorgeous Cliff Walk in Newport, RI that you’ve always dreamed about. Or, how about a rooftop wedding with views of the Boston skyline? The Hitch has it all. After inputting some key information about what you are looking for, the website will draft a list of options that fit your criteria (budget, location, date, guest count, etc.). Then, when you find a spot your interested in, simply click on the photo and all of the relevant information will be provided. Questions like the price, the hours that an event can be held, the capacity, location, and any other restrictions are all answered. The Hitch also provides easy access to contacting the vendor.

We think The Hitch is a great tool to use for couples just starting off in their search for a perfect wedding venue. With venues currently listed in New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington, you’re sure to find the perfect space for you!


Check out The Hitch’s website for more info.

3024640-inline-hitch-app-screens-04Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.46.15 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.45.32 AM

How to Display your Favorite Photos

After our blog about wedding hashtags, we got to thinking. What do you do with all the photos that you have collected from your guests? Here are a few creative ideas on how to tastefully display your wedding photos after the big day.

Create a wooden box: By adhering a photo to the outside of a wooden box, you can create a keepsake box to store your special items from your wedding day. Or, for a fun alternative, upright the box to turn it into a vase to place fresh flowers that remind you of your ceremony.




Turn your photos into a calendar: Remember your wedding every month for the next year by choosing 12 of your favorite shots and sending them away to be turned into a calendar. Don’t forget to have the printing company include the date of your anniversary as a special holiday!


Hire an artist:  Have an artist recreate one of your favorite memories on paper. Have them capture a solo shot of your dress, or a group shot of your entire bridal party. Having a wedding watercolor hanging in your house is an abstract way to remember your special day.


Turn your photos into coasters: Every time you grab a drink, you’ll get to reminisce about your favorite memories with customized coasters.


2016 Color Trends

Twice a year, I get to write my favorite blogs…color trends!  There is something so exciting and rejuvenating that happens when these colors come out!  I know, it’s hard to believe that, as we approach the end of October, we are thinking about spring and summer of 2016, but it’s fun to dive into the depths of planning with fresh, new inspiration.

Besides, what’s the best way to be ahead of the trend? Looking to the fashion industry. They are always ahead of the game and laying the foundation of what we are going to see in the months to come. Not only in style but color!  Even if you aren’t a big fan of some of these colors, you might consider tying them (or your personal favorite colors) into your event.  It could literally make you stand out from all the other events and weddings you and your guests are attending this year.

Unique and personal events is a trend that is still very popular. Quite honesty, I see no reason for this particular trend to go out of style because really, who wants their event to look like everyone else’s?  So check out the Pantone color chart but also look at how elegantly these color come together for weddings.

My personal favorite is Lilac Gray. Gray is the new black…and it’s basically taken over my life, my wardroom and my home.  Some may think gray is boring (though I see it as elegant, shabby, clean).  But that’s why we have options!  I also happen to love color for it’s vibrant, awakening qualities.  Have you ever thought about how color translates a message? Here is my personal interpretation of this years Pantone colors.


Rose Quartz – This beautiful shade of pink is the ultimate in femininity but with it’s saturated color, it’s very impactful.

Peach Echo – Dipping into the corals a bit, this is a softer, prettier shade of orange and a bit more “accessible” when it comes to entwining it into your color scheme.

Serenity – This shade of blue is not only calming but a beautiful color for the colder months…like the modern icicle!

Snorkel Blue – This color brings me to the waterside weddings of the cape and the islands with it’s oceanic inspiration!

Buttercup – Vibrant! Happy! Summer!

Limpet Shell – Crisp yet impactful and elegant. Brings me to Tiffany and Co.

Lilac Gray – A new twist on the ever popular gray. The hint of lilac brings in a girly quality but should still be ok with your man!

Fiesta – This color is full of punch and pizzaz and those who use it most likely do too!

Iced Coffee – A beautifully neutral color. Very earthy and natural, this color is a good transitional color moving into the Fall.

Flashy Green – This color is not for the faint of heart, but it also has some earthy, grassy qualities to it.

And true to form, Tulle and Chantilly has married style with these trendy colors and created these FABULOUS collages.  I feel inspired, do you?


buttercup-bright-yellow-wedding-color-inspiration-ideas-2016 iced-coffee-brown-and-green-wedding-color-ideas-for-spring-summer-2016

lilac-gray-spring-wedding-colors-2016-inspired-by-Pantone limpet-shell-light-mint-blue-wedding-color-ideas-for-spring-2016

pantone-fiesta-bright-red-spring-wedding-color-2016 pantone-green-flash-wedding-color-ideas-for-spring-summer-weddings-2016

pantone-peach-echo-and-tiffany-blue-wedding-color-ideas-for-spring-2016 pantone-serenity-pale-blue-spring-2016-wedding-color-ideas

pantone-snorkel-dark-blue-and-peach-wedding-color-ideas-for-spring-summer-weddings-2016 spring-2016-rose-pink-wedding-color-combo-ideas-inspired-by-Pantone

Photo Credits:

Pantone Chart: Haden W Pengine 

Photo Collages: Tulle and Chantilly


How to Say “I Do” in the Fall

As our Fall brides begin to step up their planning, we wanted to share a few tips on how to incorporate the Autumn season into your big day.

1: Use what is available!

Although we love the bright florals of Spring and Summer, Fall is the time of year for mixed flowers in rich hues like reds, oranges, burgundies, or plums. Use some twigs and twine to add texture, while remaining classy and elegant. Incorporate some in season gourds as table decorations, and mini pumpkins make great escort cards. In terms of food, focus on the warm and comforting meals that everyone loves. Turn to a specialty drink made with fresh apple cider, or serve cider donuts as a quick late night snack!




2: Think about the temperature!

In the North East Fall temperatures can fluctuate drastically day by day. If you’re still hoping for an outdoor wedding, think about having some blankets or pashmina wraps on hand for your guests in case they get chilly during your ceremony. And don’t forget about your comfort either! The long sleeved dress trend is fashionable and popular for Fall weddings. However, if your heart is set on your strapless gown, consider purchasing a bolero jacket or a wrap for yourself in case you’re uncomfortable while taking photos outside.



3: Incorporate Fall into your Decor!

Start with choosing your color palate. Consider pairing some light pastels with more velvety gem tones like burgundy or purple. Another great option is to lean towards a color scheme of rich blues, browns, and golds for a dark but whimsical feel. Definitely think about incorporating some metallic colors (think gold, copper, silver, or bronze) as this is a trend that will be popular in the 2015-2016 Fall wedding season! While the vibrant leaves  are in abundance, use them to your advantage. Find an outdoor spot for your ceremony that overlooks a colorful hill, or marry right under a bright red tree. Collect leaves as decoration for an inside aisle in place of the typical rose petals. Or, create a fall themed arbor with rustic plants, branches, and flowers.


bellavillarentals2 Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.29.48 AM

4: Don’t forget the favors!

As guests depart, send them off with one last Fall memory. Favors can take on the autumn theme as well, with ideas ranging from caramel covered apples, to pine cone fire starters and a box of customized matches. For New England weddings, maple syrup candy or a jar of jam is a nice local touch.




How To DIY: Invitations

Invitations can be a stressful topic for some party hosts. Whether you’re a bride, a birthday girl, or a new graduate, there are a lot of logistics to think about, and sending out hundreds of envelopes can feel daunting!  But with these few steps, you are sure to feel like a pro at sending out your own invitations for your special day.
Our first piece of advice is to start early!  Time goes by FAST so we recommend you start around 6 months prior to your event. This is the fun part: find the perfect invitation that you love.  You’ll need to allow time for customization, revisions to the design, approvals in order to make your invitation special and perfect your event and of course printing!
Your invitation design should be set and ready to order 5 months before the event. Remember to order extras!! This is important for many reasons. Not only do calligraphers make mistakes (human error is real after all), but you may end up adding some additional guests to your list as your event nears. It’s always nice to have a few extra invitations on hand to save as memories too!
Mailing of your envelopes usually occurs between 6 to 8 weeks before the event, so take this time between ordering and printing to get organized! Many people don’t know that the mailing of the invitations can be a little tricky. For weddings, there can be a variety of invitations that each guest may receive. For example, some may only get the invitation, reception card and RSVP card…but others may get information about a rehearsal dinner or after ceremony brunch.
As soon as your invitations arrive,  create “mock-up” invitation packages of each invitation variety and bring these to the post office to be weighed.  Keep in mind that shape and the direction the envelope is calligraphed can increase postage amounts, which can be a hidden expense if you don’t expect it!  Be sure to weigh you response set as well since you will include a stamp for the convenience of your guests.
Speaking of postage, customized stamps can be a great personalized, finishing touch.  There are some great online resources for the customization of stamps. We love Stamps.com because they are a bit more discrete with their company name on the stamps. It’s so simple. You upload your custom design, order the required stamp amounts and they arrive to your doorstep in around 1-2 weeks.  You’ll also want to order extra stamps to account for the possibility of an increased guest count and of course don’t forget to order stamps for your RSVP cards!
The assembly of each element might be the most tedious task, but it can be manageable… just follow this checklist!
It is extremely helpful to assemble invitations when you have a quiet time to really focus. This will eliminate any silly mistakes!
Step 1: Create a numbered guest list.
Step 2: Number your RSVP cards in accordance to with your guest list. A small number written in pencil in the back corner is all you’ll need.  This will help to quickly identify who has a missing RSVP card!  Just cross reference the number and you’ll be all set.  However, this will only work if you are putting the correctly numbered RSVP card into the correct envelope… so keep your numbered guest list on hand!
Step 3: Make sure you add those customized stamps onto your RSVP envelope.
Step 4: When it comes to stuffing, it can be helpful to lay everything out on a flat surface to create an assembly line. Starting from the bottom, you will layer on top of the invitation the reception card then the response set on top (the RSVP card should be tucked under the response envelop flap).  All cards are facing up, please!
Step 5: Don’t seal any envelopes until you’re completely done! In case you make a mistake, you’ll be able to go back and correct it.
Step 6: Seal the envelope. It is a lifesaver to purchase a glue stick to speed up the process. Hundreds of envelopes makes for a very tired tongue! Plus, it’s a clean and simple way to get the perfect seal to your envelope!
Step 7: Head to the post office and send your beautiful invitations to your excited guests.  And don’t be shy about asking your local PO clerk to hand cancel your invitations so they are delivered beautiful and intact!
And now… sit back and wait for those RSVP’s to roll in!
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The Wedding Hashtag

What’s all the buzz about the wedding hashtag? As social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook become part of our every day lives, more and more couples are encouraging their guests to take their own candid shots of the special day. Once, using phones during a ceremony was considered inappropriate, but now brides and grooms are using a personal wedding hashtag, and asking guests to tag their photos for easy sharing. Many newlyweds have found great usage in the wedding hashtag; while shots from a professional can take months to see, guest photos are accessible immediately! They offer a great recap of the night before the wedding album comes in.

Step one: Create your hashtag!

This is probably the most difficult step…. But also the most creative! Start by thinking of combinations of your names; could you mash them together and create a “celebrity couple name” (Think Brangelina), or maybe you have nick names for each other. Making your personal hashtag could be as simple as using your new last name: #MrAndMrsJones, or as silly as #SamandNicoleKissandTell. Be creative, think of using puns or rhymes like #GoodKnight or #JackAndJillWedUpTheHill. Other options are including the date of your wedding, the location, or theme. If you’re really stumped check out an Idiom website or even a wedding hashtag generator.

Step two: Advertise your hashtag!

Start early! Include your hashtag information in your invitations and wedding website so guests are aware and excited early on. Your tag doesn’t have to be exclusive to your wedding day… Use it as early as your bridal shower, makeup trials, bachelorette party, or rehearsal dinner. Our biggest tip is don’t forget to use your new tag yourself! Any social media posts that you or your groom create should have your tag as well so friends and family become familiar with spelling. On the day of the wedding, opt for some fun signage to display around your space. Signs at the welcome table, by the bar, or at the foot of the aisle can make for cute but subtle reminders.

Step three: Reminisce over your photos!

One of the best usages of the wedding hashtag is the immediate accessibility to photos. However, think about saving the viewing party until a few days into your honeymoon. With a nice glass of champagne you and your new hubby can take a look at all of your guests favorite memories of your special day.




Rainy Day Must Do’s

With summer rain showers occurring sporadically, a bride’s biggest fear may be a rainy day. We’ve all heard that rain on your wedding day brings good luck, however it’s also important to know how to prevent the wet weather from ruining your fun.


If your heart is still set on taking photos outdoors even between the raindrops, find a fun pair of matching rain boots for you and your new hubby. Bright colors, like yellow or red, can add a splash of the sunlight that is missing from your special day or you could coordinate with your wedding colors.. Don’t forget your bridesmaids and groomsmen.. they need to stay dry too!

For outside weddings, wet footwear can cause a problem once guests hit the dance floor. In order to prevent slipping and sliding, provide a space for guests to leave their wet shoes behind and flip flops to change into in order to dance the night away.

grid-cell-14367-1412584225-5  grid-cell-14367-1412584224-2




Hair: If you were planning on wearing your hair down, you may want to reconsider. There might not be anything more annoying that wet locks sticking to your neck and running photos. So, ask your hairstylist to come up with a rain plan…. a plan b used only if the weather changes for your special day. Try going for something wind resistant, like a bun, a braid, or even a messy ponytail. And if your heart is truly set on wearing your hair down, try out a half-do. Even clipping some hair out of your face can help when you’re trying to juggle umbrella’s, bouquets, drinks, and your new husband’s hand!

28192506_8272 paris-645x879



What could be better wedding favors than an umbrella to protect guests from your beautiful but stormy day? Create a monogrammed umbrella for a personalized touch to keep everyone dry when travelling to and from each photo spot. Like bright rain boots, brightly colored umbrellas can add a splash of fun to a dreary and cloudy day. Have your photographer take pictures of guests playing in the rain to create positive memories!



Temperature preparations: Sometimes the rain brings a chilly front. Make sure you have a shawl or small jacket thrown in your bag so you’re not freezing all night. For outside venues, ask vendors if they have an option of bringing space heaters or tent walls in order to make the space warmer and welcoming for guests.

However, sometimes the rain can allow for a muggy and humid climate to roll in with it. By gluing your wedding programs to popsicle sticks, you’ve made impromptu fans, which guests can use to cool themselves down as the day progresses.



Whatever rainy day prevention you decide to take, remember that your day will still be special! And make sure you keep looking for a rainbow, the perfect ending to a perfect day.




Sweet Wedding Day Treats

Over the past few years, we have begun to notice a shift in weddings, changing from traditional to contemporary and modern.  Recently brides have become more comfortable with making daring wedding choices. Some have fallen in love with colored wedding dresses, while others have even begun to decide on tattooed wedding bands!   Many couples are keeping the cakes but opting out of the traditional cake cutting.  Maybe this all has something to do with the next trend?  No longer is the traditional large white tiered cake as common.  Some couples are opting for smaller non-traditional cakes supplemented with yummy treats.  Say “goodbye” to the buttercream because cupcakes, cake pops, “naked” cakes, and even ice cream cakes are in.

Naked Cake:

One of the more popular new trends, frostingless cakes can be beautiful statements. They remain more traditional due to their tiered shape, but are just more modern than typical fondant covered cakes. With this option it is still possible to incorporate decorations such as fresh flowers or ribbons.

Pic-181  Pic-161  Pic-113


A dainty, one bite dessert that leaves guests feeling classy, whimsical, and just a little Parisian. Create a “cake”, or hand them out individually.

macaroons-645x459  blog_London-Wedding-Islington-Macarons-Macaroons-Tower-Cake-Delivery-UK-06

Cake Pops:

Similar to macaroons, these one bite treats maintain the traditional flavors of a wedding cake but are able to be eaten on the move…this way the dance floor never has to be empty! Create a tiered display or have some more fun with how the cake pop is formed.

cake_pop_wedding_cake  Wedding_Cake_Pop  cake-pops-1

Ice Cream Cake:

For a summer wedding, this cool treat is the perfect alternative to a wedding cake… and there are many different varieties to choose from! Some couples enjoy ice cream sandwiches, others enjoy the more common ice cream tiered cake, while even still some opt for an ice cream sundae bar to cater to all guests needs! For a fun addition to an outdoor reception, have an ice cream truck pull up out front!

a79541a7390654badb0723242e063cc7  ice-cream-wedding-cakes


S’mores Bar:

The most interactive alternative, a S’mores bar, allows guests to channel their outdoorsy side by roasting their own marshmallows and creating their own delicious S’mores! The neat thing about this treat is you don’t have to have an outdoor reception and fire pit to pull it off!

Smores-bar  smores-bar-wedding-01


Whatever treat you decide upon, it’s sure to be sweet and special… just like your big day!